61 Cygni Consulting

About us

61 Cygni Consulting was founded in 2010 and over the years has grown into a consulting firm recognised for its experience and high calibre consultants. The company started out as a pure SAP functional consulting firm, later branching out into Test Management. Our youngest business unit focussing on Control-M consulting was formed in response to the increasing demand for Control-M services in the Australian market.

Our President & CEO

Martijn ten Ham
Martijn ten Ham
Martijn has over 15 years of SAP consulting and test management experience. His functional background is in the area of Materials Management and the Industry Solution for Oil & Gas. During his career he has worked as functional team lead and test manager on 18 different SAP implementations. He has a strong international background in the Oil & Gas industry having worked in Europe, North and South America and the Caribbean prior to relocating to Australia in 2012.


Our Name Explained

Map of 61 Cygni

The name of our company is derived from the double star 61 Cygni, a visual binary system in the constellation Swan. It is considered of astronomical importance as in 1838 F.W. Bessel was able to measure its distance to Earth. This was the first distance estimate for any star other than the Sun. There are further reasons why this is such an important star system, such as its proximity to Earth, its large proper motion and its stellar parallax. Please visit the star’s own Wikipedia page for an in depth background.


Furthermore the star system is mentioned often in science fiction novels, shorts, computer games and radio dramas, most famously in the Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov as one of the potential sites for the planet of origin of the human species.


Our mission is to have an astronomical impact on the Australian SAP market and being recognised as the birthplace of new ideas and solutions.