61 Cygni Consulting


61 Cygni Consulting has singularly focused on providing SAP solutions to medium and large sized businesses. This focus has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of the SAP product suite, which in turn allows us to ensure our clients are maximizing the benefit they realize from their software implementation investment. Our teams are guided by our commitment to delivering superior quality and consistent governance of our projects. Coupled with that is our ability to successfully leverage a large close-knit network of hand-picked senior consultants, to ensure our clients get the best skills and solutions possible. We take our commitments seriously and each engagement is overseen by one of our highly experienced executives to ensure its success.

Recently we have launched a business unit around Control-M consulting, allowing the knowledge acquired in recent years by our organisation to flourish in its own environment, yet maintaining the synergy resulting from being part of an SAP focussed company.